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Hmmm... where do I start without boring you...
My creative gene and dedication to the arts definitely came from my loving father. As a little girl I would stand and watch him paint his landscapes with amazement. The mixing of the colors, the smell of the turpentine, the smooth brush strokes that turned blobs of paint into "things" and "scenes" got me hooked. I knew then, I wanted to put "things" on paper and canvas too.
Through high school (as any artist will attest to) my interests were not in math and/or history, but art, art, art. My art teacher, Mr. Harris, was this tall, awesome, cool, good looking, long haired dude, that would turn any teenage girls head. And I got to have him for a whole hour... to learn art. Anywho... I regress, after that I attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale to hone my creative and graphic skills. Then it was on to working for an ad agency, to an assistant art director for a marketing firm, to owning my own printing company. Some wonderful jobs (some not), all great experiences but... little time was left for me to work on my own art.
Now, having worked my fanny off (and yet I still have one), I now have the time in my life to return to my passion of art and expression. Some of my current focus is on unique, one-of-a-kind, pop style paintings. I do like to mix in other styles and topics for a change of pace (like illustration work for children's books, magazines, etc.). I work in all different mediums so you never know what you are going to see from me next. Some of my alternative lifestyle artwork may be considered a tad risque; however, my art is tastefully designed and able to be viewed in any setting, by any person, of any age. I think art should make a statement or express your inner most thoughts and dreams, or make you giggle. I hope my art creates a giggle, smile, or a sense of tranquility and/or understanding into your life. I'd love to hear your feedback, and please visit again soon. If you are interested in an original painting, a print, or display my work at your gallery, please contact me at

Laura L. Gigliotti

The picture of the boathouse in my banner is of my family's boathouse (while I was growing up) on Lake George, NY. The photo was taken the morning of the day my dear grandmother (my cheerleader) passed away. Grandma... I see you in the sunrise, I see you in the sunset and everywhere in-between. I will love you and hold you in my heart forever and a day.